The following is a comprehensive, checklist of equipment needed by yourself for any Expedition. Access to equipment stores (such as your Operating/Regional Office) which should have a wide range of well maintained equipment can be helpful.



  1. Rucksack of approx. 65 litres with strong liner bag inside (no rucksack is waterproof)
  2. Comfortable walking clothes (no cotton equipment e.g. jeans, sweat tops, socks etc..).
  3. Polyester type track suit trouser bottoms.
  4. Polyester shirt tops (e.g. Polo top, long sleeves if possible).
  5. Fleece jacket or fleece top (NOT cotton hoodies)
  6. Walking boots with good tread and ankle support (NOT trainer type walking shoes)
  7. 3-4 pairs of good walking socks (remember, NOT cotton sports socks).
  8. A pair of flip flops or trainers for around the campsites.
  9. A complete spare set of clothing (double wrapped inside your rucksack to keep dry for the night in case you get wet in the day).
  10. Weatherproof and waterproof walking jacket and over trousers, NOT just shower proof.
  11. Warm hat and gloves, sunhat, sun cream and insect repellent.
  12. Sleeping bag (double wrapped inside your rucksack to keep it dry) and sleeping mat.
  13. A small torch (preferably a head torch) with spare bulb and batteries.
  14. A survival bag and whistle. (Can be purchased at the Centre)
  15. Personal first aid kit (should include Melolin squares, micropore adhesive tape, elasticised bandage, and pain relief tablets).
  16. Emergency rations (bar of Kendal Mint Cake or similar).
  17. Notebook and pencil.
  18. Water bottle and puritabs tablets.
  19. Watch.
  20. OS Explorer OL12 laminated map, Brecon Beacons West & Centre Areas.
  21. Compass and map pen marker.
  22. Tent (one, two or three man type according to needs)
  23. Trangia stove or gas stove ( the latter must have re-sealable cartridges).
  24. Appropriate fuel bottle/spare cartridges.
  25. Matches in a waterproof container.
  26. Food for the period (ie. before and during) the Expedition. Breakfasts and evening meals, high energy food for during the day.
  27. Personal hygiene (small toothbrush, toothpaste, small soap, antibacterial wipes/gel, small towel etc.).
  28. Cutlery, cup, dishes and small tea towel.
  29. Washing up liquid in a small container and small scouring pad.
  30. Toilet paper.
  31. Walking poles (optional, but definitely recommended)

A final thought!!

In our experience we have found that most candidates who fail to complete expeditions do so through lack of fitness – get fit and stay fit!. REMEMBER the weight of your rucksack should be no more than a ¼ of your bodyweight.